Monday, January 6, 2014


We got a lot of supplies over the break.

There are boxes everywhere, and jobs in process.

Not exactly the most perfect time of year to have an influx of chaos.  With the Christmas tree and decorations, shipping boxes, wrapped packages, " still unpacked from when we moved in, in 2011 boxes", and cookies + candy plates of goodies from our wonderful friends..... let's just say things can get a little hectic just when you don't need them to be.  But that's life right?  I have always believed that without struggle, there would be no story.... 

Without struggle there would be no triumph. 

Without struggle there can be no 'overcoming'. 

At least that's what I choose to believe.  I also choose to try and enjoy the chaos and beauty of the process. That's not always easy.

You can be rewarded for patience.

I'm still working on my word for 2014.  That's a tradition I'd like to start this year. There are many obvious ones, but nothing has spoken to me yet.  Plus, I want it to be inspiring to my whole family. 

I may be perusing the thesaurus for a bit this week.


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