Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Organizational Journey -- A Challenge

Whew.  That was a mouthful.

Every surface in my house is covered in chaos right now.  True.   Every....Surface.....

As I take you on this disorganized house tour, you will see baskets awaiting emptying and cleaners waiting to be sprayed.  The carnage.  You've been warned.

Along with the burnt out light bulbs waiting to be replaced,

the stair treads awaiting stain, flooring awaiting installation, the light fixtures waiting to be hung is all the daily life debris, that hasn't been able to find a permanent home, and is a floating pile of stuff screaming for attention.....   

I think one of the biggest obstacles to organizing is that you usually have to make an even bigger mess before you can call yourself done.  It's daunting, right?  
It's inconvenient.  
It's crazy.
I mean why in the world with all the daily piles of laundry would you voluntarily pull everything that's put away and make it harder for you or your spouse to find your car keys?  It's overwhelming to make such a mess -- especially when there's some pressure, at least I feel some, to keep things tidy.  While I don't care too much about what friends who drop by during the daily house-storm think, I like to have things a little organized and tidy when my husband walks in from work.  Some calm in life.  Roommate etiquette I guess.  

Luckily for me, I have a unique opportunity and get the chance to organize our household and not worry about getting things put away or inconveniencing anyone but myself with car key location for days....days...

So I have started emptying those drawers and cabinets and creating even more piles.  

While my husband is away on business, I have the chance to free myself of the demand that the house be tidy, or at least in respectable disorder, by dinner-time.  I can let my natural, night owl, 'creative by moonlight', Design ADD, freak flag fly.  

It's a chance to try everything I've been waiting to try, for, like, ever -- all at the same time. 

So between all the impulsive dark floor sweeping, and dish/clothes washing/carpooling/homework time, I will try all the recipe organizing, furniture updating, basket painting, sweater stacking, household file organizing projects I've wanted to try, and then take a break and try to do this new fishtail braid hairstyle that has caught my eye.  Putter here for 15 minutes and then putter here for 15 minutes.

There will be more and more piles.  The madness.  I think I may 
decide to start in my closet.

...or maybe I'll start downstairs.  Even the garage beckons me.  This free time -- it's like my chance to make a cardboard box & blanket fort and not have to put it away before bedtime.  

Plus I get the chance to start bringing out pretty again when I'm done.

Let the games begin.

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