Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Design ADD

On any given day around here, I have a gazillion things to do.  The normal work of the H.E. (household executive) and mother, and then design work, and then the DIY jobs.

But I have a hard time committing all my focus and energy on getting any projects in those later 2 categories done. Not only because my mothering and household jobs suffer if I devote 100% of my day's energy to any design or DIY project, but because I also think I have a specific type of ADD called Design or Project ADD. Therefore several things I'm working on are in various stages of completion, and even though I should be spending ALL my time finishing up my laundry room, or touch up painting 1 of several rooms downstairs, I will do this while right in the middle of said laundry room project.


This is the garage fridge.  I AM currently working on the laundry room, and I had some left over polka dots from that job, and they made me so giddy when I was applying them in there that I had to put the 15 or so I had left SOMEWHERE!  So voila!

I got these from  Urban Walls on Etsy.  They are so happy. It's really the silliest thing.

All these D.A.D.D. (Design ADD) jobs may may cause delays in my 100% completion of the laundry room.......... the happiness and lightness it adds to my otherwise purely functional and honestly, partly ugly garage is worth it.


  1. The polka dots are just darling! Great idea to put them on your garage fridge!

  2. Love it! I put some black chalkboard flowers on my fridge and like the little pops it brings. But your gold dots are fabulous.