Friday, March 21, 2014

Some Progress and Some Packing

The view is slowly improving around here. 


Is it wrong that I am so liking these unpainted?

The decorating is happening slowly too...

And that's okay with me.  And yes, I will have to move it all in a few months to paint.

When it's a space where there was nothing before, it's nice to have things slowly evolve.  It gives you and the room a chance to breathe -- to sit with something and feel if it's right.  

It gives you a chance to place things with intent and meaning, not to just to fill the void.

And now on to my shallow side --- some vacation outfits. :)  

Got this at JCP last September, with fingers-crossed that I'd have a vacation night out with my husband sometime to wear it.  Not my normal go to style -- this says vacation-date night!

This is closer to my normal style except for the Maxi skirt.  When I was out shopping at Kohl's this week for tank tops, I tried this skirt on.  Being short, I have to be careful about maxi skirts -- but this is so comfy, it fit like a dream, and with the fold over waste band, I can adjust the length so I can wear it with flats.

Another Maxi?  After just typing I don't wear maxi's?!  What is it about vacations that makes me want to take chances and dress outside my "fashion box"?  What I love about this skirt, that you can kind-of see from the picture, is that it's shear.  There is a short lining inside that hits me about mid-low thigh.  I also love the embellishment on the grey tank, so much so that I took a second picture.

I was loving all the different tank tops they had at Kohl's.  These 2 are perfect for layering.  I'm excited to wear this out to dinner!

This -- this is more my typical fashion box.

Hoping to get some more pics posted before I head out!

Have a great weekend!


  1. what a fabulous room!, love those amazing beams and cupboards!

    1. Thank you so much Debra! It's been so great to see it coming together!

  2. Your home is looking lovely! And such cute outfits. Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!