Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's the little things......

Sometimes it really is the little things...

We have several huge projects under way here.  Everywhere I look upstairs there is something in progress.

Don't get me wrong. I feel more than blessed to be working on and watching our house become what I have been dreaming of for the last 6 years. It makes me beyond happy. But projects, like everything else, have a rhythm. It's a flurry of activity and chaos and then there's a calm period before the next push. 

Meanwhile, life and the paper debris that comes with it continues.

As Chief Financial Officer of this establishment, I have a lot of paperwork to deal with. And I am extremely detailed in my 'financial reports'..i.e. my Quicken checkbook.  And I HATE paperwork -- so I procrastinate. And make piles that I move around. And stuff in any basket or drawer I can. But you've got to deal with it sometime. The thing about paperwork is, in order to get rid of it you have to get it out and make more piles of it and more piles of it. It's as if it mates and makes paper baby piles before it ends up being recycled, turned digital or shredded.

I know there's plenty of other household debris. But for some reason the paper debris stresses me out like no other. Just seeing it piled up makes my heart beat quicker - in a bad way. And during this time of year, the last thing I need is a panic attack. 

Today I had an organizational epiphany.  

I got this at Target.  Years ago.  I have a desire to be organized, but I have a hard time finding things that truly work for me.This was a typical accordion file inside. You can see the tabs.  I've tried at least 3 times over the past 4 years of owning this to make it work for me and it just didn't.  I have all sorts of pretty organizing receptacles just waiting for some sort of creative thinking. Today I had an organizing epiphany. I cut out those tab dividers.

And ended up with this.

Which I promptly filled.

And closed. 

And took a deep, cleansing breath. I'm still months behind on some paperwork.  But at least it's all polka dotted up.  Polka dots don't stress me out.  

So I didn't get any paperwork done today. But at least while it's sitting there waiting for my attention, it looks nice.

Could be I will start looking forward to paperwork. I doubt it. 

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